Peer-reviewed publications

  • Mariane Yvonne Schneider, Juan Pablo Carbajal, Viviane Furrer, Bettina Sterkele, Max Maurer, Kris Villez,

    Beyond signal quality: The value of unmaintained pH, dissolved oxygen, and oxidation-reduction potential sensors for remote performance monitoring of on-site sequencing batch reactors,

    Water Research 161, 639-651 (2019)

    Paper, Preprint (open access)

  • Matthew Moy de Vitry, Mariane Yvonne Schneider, Omar Wani, Liliane Manny, João P. Leitão, Sven Eggimann,

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  • Sven Eggimann, Lena Mutzner, Omar Wani, Mariane Yvonne Schneider, Dorothee Spuhler, Matthew Moy de Vitry, Philipp Beutler, Max Maurer,

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    Environ. Sci. Technol. 51, 2538-2553 (2017)


  • Mariane Yvonne Schneider, Viviane Furrer, Eleonora Sprenger, Juan Pablo Carbajal, Kris Villez, Max Maurer,

    Benchmarking Soft Sensors for Remote Monitoring of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plants,

    Environ. Sci. Technol. 54, 10840-10849 (2020)

    Paper, Preprint (open access)


Kyoto University Symposium on Education and Research in Global Environmental Studies in Asia, 2019, Best Poster Presentation Award. Download